Bicor Butterfly Orthopedic Pillow

The Pillow with wings as they call it having been sold to the Chiropractic trade for years. A standard in the industry.

Butterfly Pillow

The Butterfly™ pillow is more than just a pillow. It's a whole new sleeping experience. The Butterfly™ pillow was developed by specialist to give your head and neck the support needed for sound restful sleep.
Designed to allow your head and neck to lie gently nested between the wings into a built in sleep center, the natural and comfortable position can help to ease muscle and nerve tension, and bring welcome relief from awakening with a stiff neck, pain across the back and shoulders and morning headaches. And no more bunching at the shoulders. No need to punch a pillow into shape. Fits into a standard pillow case or a custom contoured drip dry pillow case is available. Filled with clouds off superfine non-allergenic polyester fiberfill. Pillow is 20 x 26".

*Comes with bonus case!

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