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At Bicor, we manufacture three types of pillow inserts for the manfacturers and custom shops.

Our Any Shape Line

Polypropelyne covering filled with a soft slick polyester fiberfill. Filled well and they maintain there shape.

Faux down

One of the best on the market. Filled with Micron 2, a micro denier polyester fiber, with a 100% cotton, 233 thread count down proof ticking. This produces a pillow insert that has the hand of  down, karate chop and all...and it's non-allergenic.

95/5 Whole White Goose Feather & Down

A favorite with the decorators. Filled to perfection, each feather curled to produce the most loft. Covered with a 100% cotton 233 thread count ticking.

We manufacture and stock all sizes from 12X12 to 30X30 in even sizes with the rectangle, round, ball, square shape to complement our selection.


For the Importers and Retailers

We do custom blow filling.
We can offer you:

  1. Filling
  2. Packing
  3. Labeling
  4. Shipping to your locations

We can compress pack for you.